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DragonFly Counseling
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 by Susan

I have experienced anxiety all my adult life stemming from a traumatic childhood. I have tried multiple psychiatric therapies as well as meditation, yoga, and breath work. While all have given me some relief, the BAUD has been by far the most effective and long lasting therapy. The most interesting aspect to this treatment is my ability to recognize certain situations and negative thoughts that trigger my anxiety. I now realize that all experiences are neutral and that I am the one who attaches the positive or negative spin. This therapy has empowered me to make decisions that have benefited my life as opposed to being unconsciously driven by worn out negative beliefs. This therapy is a game changer in how your brain actually functions. I am truly grateful to Rita for her wealth of knowledge and experience, and for her willingness to pioneer some of the most innovative psychological therapies available today.

 by Kevin
Hope inspired!

I have participated in a variety of modalities for treatment of seemingly endless issues associated with diagnoses of PTSD, major depression and anxiety. Over the years I’ve pursued relief of my symptoms through individual psychotherapy, group therapy, TMS and CBT with and without medical management. Admittedly, I was skeptical as to whether I would respond favorably to the prescribed treatment, (BAUD), from Dragonfly Counseling. My remarks are unsolicited and made freely because I was repeatedly discouraged with the lack of persistent relief of my symptoms from previously mentioned therapies and at times I was resigned to a life which had to be endured rather than Enjoyed. Anyone who has suffered in a fashion similar to my own will understand and my personal experience is an attempt to encourage those in a similar situation to remain hopeful and give Mrs. Rita Young at Dragonfly Counseling an opportunity to share her professional expertise for your benefit. Dragonfly was very generous and supportive of me as a Veteran of the U.S. Military & despite ongoing support from the V.A., Mrs.Young’s cutting edge treatment is beyond the scope of treatment currently available to me. I remain grateful for the compassionate care and understanding provided me and encourage others to remain hopeful.

 by Carol Skeirik

Being a sole proprietor I try to spend my training dollars wisely. Rita Young's training was fantastic. I love her enthusiasm, but it's her effectiveness and knowledge that are the big sellers for me!!
I was able to immediately implement the knowledge she imparted to me. This opportunity is so worthwhile, I would encourage everyone interested to attend a training.

Also, I personally have benefited from utilizing the BAUD, and it has significantly helped me shift my stuck, emotional brain in several areas.

 by Pam
Easy And Effective

Rita put me on headphones that created sounds in my brain. It completely took my anxiety away. Also I have been suffering with a large bump on the ball of my foot. It was extremely painful to walk. When I got home today the bump was gone!! I'm a believer!”

 by Jim

I have suffered from Anxiety and depression most of my life, I've tried many therapies over the years, with absolutely no relief , my nervous system was out of control, I always felt I was walking on egg shells... I overreacted to almost everything, from sudden or loud noises, I could not walk on anything soft, like the beach, or sit on anything soft.The list goes on and on. My life was an neurological night mare. Rita did one hour of therapy with me And I felt an immediate relief, my nervous system felt like it was rewiring Itself…I can't believe all the problems I was having was just a thought that would not turn itself off. it is really unbeleivable....Rita is a very gifted therapist, her knowledge about cutting-edge therapies is amazing...She is so open and very easy to work with, she makes you feel comfortable right away,Thank you Rita, I am very grateful and feel blessed!!!

 by Monica
Life Changing

I was in a store recently and there was a shooting. For days after I was a wreck and kept hearing the shots and screams. After one session with Rita, 80% of the terror and trauma was removed. After the second session it was gone completely! I thought I would be plagued by PTSD for the rest of my life. Rita is an amazing therapist who is able to tune in to the trauma and zap it away. I have also gone to her for other fears and blocks and that has been just as miraculous. i went to other therapists for years and never got better. After three sessions with Rita I am feeling like the person I've always wanted to be. Thanks you Rita!

 by Chad

I saw Rita for PTSD resulting from many sexual traumas. In my sessions with her, she cleared up so much more than all of my past therapies combined! I'm able to sleep at night, think clearer, more logically, things now are making sense. I didn't know what to expect, I was hoping for relief and peace and what I gained is so much more. My wife stated she could tell a difference right away. I would call it empowerment of relief. Rita is incredible! Working with her was so easy. She genuinely cares about your well being and that is apparent when you meet her. If you are looking for a therapist, please look no further. A true blessing to me and my family. Thank you. Veteran

 by Beth
A Miracle

I went through a trauma in Oct. Late December my depression was insormountable. I was in a place where I couldn't function and couldn't stop crying.

It was suggested that I see Rita.

After the 1st session something was lifted. I had hope again and the deep sadness was gone.

Two weeks later, I went back and again, it was a true miracle. I was back to my old self.

The experience was truly unbelievable. I never thought that one person or one therapy session could heal me so quickly.

Thank you Rita. I am eternally grateful for your expertise, kind heart and healing power.

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